Determining Importance Resources

You can begin posting DI resources.


14 Responses to “Determining Importance Resources”

  1. Tammy Harris Says:

    The site that I found today was called Like to Read. There is all kinds of information that pertains to teaching reading on this site. When I went to Determining Importance Karen Haag had information on I Search Paper. This sounds like a great way for students to use research and then reflect on the process. The first link is to Like to Read and the second to a page about I Search Papers.

  2. Schelly Ethetton Says:

    I found these pamphlets for parents describing the difference between determining importance in fiction and non-fiction.



  3. I found this non-fiction notebook that would be good when first teaching the text features on non-fiction and how those help you to determine important information in what is read.

  4. I found another cool site that has an e-book or pdf book plus activities for determining importance.

  5. sue hornyan Says:

    This was a hard one to find fun, new ideas for teaching this concept, but I did find the following website that has some good ideas.

  6. I really liked the ideas at Some I’ve used before and some were brand new to me. I especially liked the idea of the suitcase.

    I also spent some time learning about a strategy called Power Thinking, which is another way for kids to determine importance by grouping ideas.

  7. Donetta Horky Says:

    In science I like the students to use Notebooking to keep their thoughts and notes. This site has many visuals to help better understand what a good science notebook looks like.

  8. I liked the Into the Book site because it had a variety of ideas on how to summarize.

    It also had videos you could use as part of your mini lesson. (Some videos are the same)

  9. Becky Mallen Says:

    This is an idea to teach the spliter skill summary. I got this from Mandy Gregory’s website.,%20Wanted,%20But,%20So,%20Then,%20Finally%20Summary

  10. I found a couple forms that help in determining importance.

    I also found a lesson called “Jump into a Story” which I can modify for PE!

  11. Keith Wingert Says:

    more movement from me. Gotta keep the theme going all week.

    Pull out the hula hoops!

  12. Dawn Holder Says:

    Here are some graphic organizers to help students pull out the imp. ideas from a passage.
    Sum it up:
    Selective underlining

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