Using Sensory Images Resources

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13 Responses to “Using Sensory Images Resources”

  1. Schelly Ethetton Says:

    This activity involves visualizing and sequencing.

  2. Donetta Horky Says:

    I’ve used this song/dance to teach the students the phases of mitosis. It has been very beneficial for the students.

    Mitosis Square Dance– found at Y:\ScienceStaff\IB Biology\Gerding from Snow\_vti_cnf

    This is an interactive website I use for enrichment in all the content areas of science.

  3. sue hornyan Says:

    Here is a site that has a year long plan with the strategies imbedded.

  4. I found a visualizing lesson to go along with Charolotte’s Web that I like to read each year.

  5. I found a good idea for starting off the sensory images unit. It involves a scavenger hunt and creating a poem using the senses.

  6. Becky R. Says: had several resources. My favorite was a newsletter that inlcuded book lists and page numbers from the book Reading with Meaning.

  7. Keith Wingert Says:

    two from me–no movement–I am saddened but alas.

    First one should be fun for kids to read and paint

    second one is good to see how visualizations may change. I would also use with inferring.

  8. Tammy Harris Says:

    I found this lesson on the ReadWriteThink site. It uses poetry to explore with the senses.

  9. Becky Mallen Says:

    This is off the wall but I got the idea from a blog site. I found this book call fold me a poem. I thought you could bring in mental images and then combine it with Origami. Something a little different than drawing a picture. Of course this would be a learning experience for me as well since I don’t know how to do Origami. : )

    Here is the book off Google Books:

  10. Our mental images of a text can change when we read on, reread, discuss the text with someone else, see the movie, etc. These two worksheets might be helpful for students to record how the picture in their mind changes.

  11. Dawn Holder Says:

    I foud a lesson that uses paint and poetry to get students to visualize.

    Creating a Haiku poem with your senses.

  12. I found a sensory image concept using (F.I.T.T.) to explain physical training.
    I have a lesson that I teach called Active States that uses a lot of imagery.
    I found a graphic organizer that the students can fill out after doing any of these activities so that I can assess their understanding.

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