Monitor for Meaning (Metacognition) Resources

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17 Responses to “Monitor for Meaning (Metacognition) Resources”

  1. Becky R. Says:

    Here is a power point that has some great ideas including a anchor chart and rubric for reading stamina.

  2. Tammy Harris Says:

    I found lessons on the Wachusetts School District Site. It had the links broken down so you could choose what lesson you would like to use with your students.

  3. sue hornyan Says:

    Here is a good format for students to use for a retell of a fiction or non-fiction book.

  4. Here’s a great checklist for students to use as they are practicing monitoring for meaning as they read.

  5. Donetta Horky Says:

    Here is a K-W-L-H site. The “H” is for noting how the student could find more information on the topic.

  6. Becky Mallen Says:

    For the primary kids here are different animals that go along with the fix-up strategies to figure out unknown words. They are under photographs on the Mosaic page:

  7. I liked this page because it talked about the different reading rates.

  8. I also liked this site because of the division of the word attack and comprehension strategies.

  9. Dawn Holder Says:

    A checklist for older students, but it might give you some more strategies to think about for elementary as well.

    A booklist that lists books with several strategies that can be used for that book.

  10. I found a lesson plan that gave strategies on what to do if you do not understand a portion of what you read.

    I also found an activity to determine whether a student understands the sequence of events.

  11. Understanding the concept of compare/contrast is necessary for critical reading and writing. Here are two excellent books for comparing and contrasting information and relationships between fiction and non fiction works.

    Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting
    Amelia’s Road by Linda Jacobs Altman

    Here is a graphic organizer that kids can make themselves

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