Synthesizing Resources

You can begin posting synthesis resources now.


14 Responses to “Synthesizing Resources”

  1. Schelly Ethetton Says:

    Great road map analogy visual:

    Synthesizing activity:

  2. This is a nice organizer to help kids understand that synthesizing is building on prior knowledge.

  3. Donetta Horky Says:

    This is a website for trading cards. I use these to discuss scientists and for Black History month. You can modify the templates to make them more appealing.

  4. I like the writing prompts that are on page 5. It would be a good way of giving students options when writing in their response journals.

  5. Tammy Harris Says:

    I found the synthesizing lesson on Like to I liked this because she used all of the teaching she had done all year with reading strategies and with learning strategies. She also defined synthesizing as a step beyond summarizing and used a story to demonstrate with the kids.

  6. Donetta Horky Says:

    This website provides writing prompts for writing Technical Processes which will be good for writing up lab reports.

  7. As students become more proficient readers, they need to move from retelling a story to summarizing to synthesizing. This is a cute story and activity to model each step.

  8. Keith Wingert Says:

    Who doesn’t like putting a puzzle together? Especially face down–the puzzle; not you.

    the second lesson

  9. Becky Mallen Says:

    I know we have seen these before, but here is the quick info page on synthesis.

  10. Dawn Holder Says:

    Tips for helping students to synthesize:
    Great idea for an overall theme to present the strategies to students in a meaningful way.

  11. I found this link to a website with a video students can view during our muscles unit.

    I found this lesson on synthesizing on Negro League Baseball

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